Favicon and Custom Logo are identical

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    First off, thanks for this awesome theme 🙂

    I have a slight issue with the custom logo and the favicon. Everytime I set the custom logo, it automatically sets the same image as the favicon, and vice-versa. Is this a bug or intentionall?

    Michael Dufty

    Same thing is happening for me.


    – Upload the custom icon and logo using the Upload dialog
    – Manually enter a location (URL) for each image
    – “Save”



    Just another additional thing I found. I had a PNG file, which I re-sized to 64 x 64 to upload as a favicon, but it wouldn’t show on the tab. I converted it to a ICO file and it worked.


    Cryout Creations Team

    @Patrick, Michael, Tim: Are you getting the same file for logo/favicon in the latest Tempera 0.9.3?

    @Jim: Supported filetypes for favicons vary among browsers – Wikipedia

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    Yes, it still uses the same image in 0.9.3

    However, I tried the workaround suggested by Tim. It works, if I copy the wordpress link, and set the other image, I have two different images for the favicon and the custom logo.

    I assume it’s a bug in the “Select/Upload Image” Dialog. Every time I use that, it sets the same link for both the favicon and the custom logo.

    Cryout Creations Team

    Hi guys!

    The custom logo/favicon being identical has been fixed in the latest version. Thanks for the feedback!

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