Dropdown menu items do not work on tablet

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    Hi, the dropdown menu items do not appear on any browser on my tablet. When you click on the dropdown arrow nothing happens. They do work well on pc desktop or mobile phone.

    Based on previous post replies in this forum, I checked my pages for errors but I could not find any. Pls help.


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    FYI – the tablet resolution in landscape mode is the same as the PC desktop (1920 x 1200). The tablet in portrait mode shows the striped menu like the phone; the striped menu works well both on the tablet and the phone.

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    Mobile devices normally get to see the mobile menu, which is touch-enabled.

    For some larger mobile devices which have enough screen resolution to display the standard menu but do not handle hover events (that the standard desktop menu uses) – we’ve added the forced mobile menu option that replaces the desktop version of the menu with the mobile one, which fully supports touch events.

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