Updating Fluida without losing all modifications

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    Peter van Cooten
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    I have been using Fluida Plus for quite some years now, and now I’m considering to update from 1.8.2 to 1.8.8. (mainly because I see a lot of ‘deprecated’ warnings for the Fluida theme in the WP Debug.log).
    Since the theme is heavily modified and configured (also using a child theme for some settings), I don’t want to lose my settings and keep the site as it is now (https://www.ambientblog.net).
    Is it safe to upgrade without losing the configuration, or do I have to reconfigure the site after upgrading?

    Also, I see some concerns about the Fluida Plus theme not currently being maintained or supported anymore (the latest version being more than a year old now). I am happy with how my site looks currently, and don’t want to switch to another theme, unless absolutely necessary.

    I’d like to know your opinion: are there any experiences with upgrading the modified theme? Is it safe to do without losing the current formatting? Will it solve the ‘deprecated’ errors for now?

    Hope to learn from your previous experiences.

    (Wanted to ask this at Cryout support too but it seems they can’t be reached without a current subscription)

    Website: www.ambientblog.net

    Peter van Cooten
    Power User

    Thank you. Fortunately I have made the modifications in a child theme.

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