Decrecated code in Septera Plus – need to switch theme?

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    to make a long story short, I’ve enable cloudflare cdn and got some problems that may or may not be related, but
    I dig a bit and found that our theme as some deprecated code.

    Deprecated: Optional parameter $separator declared before required parameter $text_page is implicitly treated as a required parameter in /home/ctequebec/public_html/staging-cteq/wp-content/themes/septera-plus/cryout/prototypes.php on line 832

    Same msg for those other parameters : $home/$showCurrent/$before/$after/$wrapper_pre/$wrapper_post/$layout_class

    I don’t have a problem of buying a new template since this one is now quite old but is it the real solution here?
    And my main problem is, I guess I will have to redo many part the the aethetics of the site?

    thanks for you input


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