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    Hello and thank you very much for your themes 🙂

    I’m currently creating a small website using Fluida (free version), and would like to ask if the landing page blocks (the ones after the slider, that have an icon and show a small text from a page) can be forced to have the same height (the height of the longest of them).

    Right now, each block has the height of its contents, and while I could modify the text inside them to moreless match each other, changing screen resolutions causes words to wrap and the blocks change height.

    Is it possible to set them to use the height of the longest of them, or at least have a fixed height?

    Thank you very much 🙂


    Hello, and thanks for your time replying to my post.

    Maybe you’re talking about another theme or about an older version…, because “fl-landing-container” or “fl-landing-block” do not appear to exist… The blocks container seems to be “lp-blocks-inside”, if I’m not mistaken.

    Anyway, if that CSS code is applied to “lp-blocks-inside”, it breaks the mobile version, causes the blocks to appear streched side by side on mobile.

    Thanks anyway…


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