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    Hello. I want to display just basic static content on my home page. I’ve managed to remove the icon blocks by simply disabling each one. However, my blog posts are still visible on my home page, and they are duplicated. This appears to be the default content of both the ‘Featured Boxes Top’ and ‘Featured Boxes Bottom’ sections. There is a ‘Boxes Content’ config field for both sections, with an option to ‘disable’, but when I select this option, my blog posts are still populated on the home page.

    How can I remove these sections? thx.



    Posting an interim solution for disabling the Featured Boxes sections. The CSS class names are #lp-boxes-1 and #lp-boxes-2, so just add this line into the additional CSS tab in customizer:

    #lp-boxes-1, #lp-boxes-2 {
    display: none !important;

    I presume this is what should be happening when they are set to ‘disabled’ in the UI.

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