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    Robert Earl

    I can not get the post to display the form that alloes user to post comments – – I have set the discussion setting to Allow people to post comments – but the form does not show.

    Michael Livingston

    No idea if this applies to you or not, but I couldn’t get comments to show up on any of my pages until I deactivated a couple of plug-ins that were hanging things up. So try deactivating any plug-ins you have that are related to comments.

    Susanna Broomé

    I am having the same problem, but I don’t have an activated plug-ins related to comments, so that cannot be the problem.


    Hi folks,

    i have a problem in the other direction. I don’t want to have comments on my pages. I know, i have to modify the page.php or respectiv code, but how?

    Please, if someone knows what to change in the code, tell me!




    And i allready tried the tutorial from here for Nirvana:

    the comments are still showing

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