Color settings has stopped working

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    Jens Justesen

    Hello. Earlier today the color settings in the Mantra settings on my site stopped working. I have used the settings for a couple of weeks without any problems, but now, all of a sudden, pressing the update-button nothing happens. The color settings I have chosen are not stored, and therefore not implemented at the pages. Can I perhaps have disactivated the setting alltogether by accident? Regards Jens Justesen

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Not likely, but you could have installed/enabled a plugin that messes with the javascript functions used by Mantra.

    Disable newly installed/enabled plugins and see if the issue goes away. Then tell us the plugin in question so we can check it out and work out a proper solution.

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    Jens Justesen

    Hello Zed. I have tried all my plugins, and there are no bandits among them. A fellow on the danish WordPress forum suggested to 1) put all my work into another WP-theme, 2) remove Mantra from the computer, 3) reinstall Mantra, and 4) shift back to Mantra from the other theme. I am considering doing this, but I am afraid of loosing my things in the process. What do you think? Is it safe? Kind regards JJ (ps. I am opening a new thread about images – in sidebars, and frames. Do you have the time looking into it?)

    Heather Reese

    I’m having a similar issue as well. I’ve just downloaded Mantra, and changed a few things, and I was lessing with the post title fonts. I was using different ones from Google and then saving it, and refreshing my site to see how they looked, and now, all of a sudden, it won’t work at all. The fonts won’t change no matter what I do, and all of my color settings are gone as well. I just moved my blog to WordPress, and I have NO other plug ins installed.

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Try Resetting the Settings to Default and see what happens.

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