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    I have made a child theme of Mantra, but it won’t take any css changes. Is it possible Mantra won’t allow child themes? Below is the style.css code I have used. It should work.

    Theme Name: Mantra Child
    Version: 1.0
    Theme URI:
    Description: A child theme for Mantra
    Author: pgb
    Template: mantra

    /* Import layout */
    @import url(../mantra/style.css);

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Mantra not only allows child themes, it embraces them.

    Your mistake here is not entering a Theme URI. If you don’t have one or just don’t want to enter one you must delete that line completely. You can’t have ‘Theme URI:’ and then nothing. Delete that line completely.

    Before posting consider reading our short theme debugging instructions.
    Please read the FAQs: MantraNirvanaParabolaTempera
    Tutorials: custom menustranslating themeinstalling themecategory page with introdisabling comments Wordpress: child themescategories/posts
    Before making any modifications to your theme we strongly recommend using Child Themes.

    Thank you. I’ve deleted the Theme URI but it still doesn’t work. I added the URI but it didn’t work. I also have made a child of 2012 with the Theme URI left empty and it works, even though I have left it empty.

    Could it be anything else that is causing my child theme css of Mantra to not work?



    Many apologies, my 2012 child theme does not work with the Theme URI missing. Very sorry to mislead you.



    I am also using a child-theme and it works (more or less), the code I set in my style.css is as following:


    Theme Name:     Mantra Child

    Description:    Thème enfant du thème Mantra

    Author:         Thierwish

    Author URI:

    Template:       mantra

    Version:        0.1.0


    @import url(“../mantra/style.css”);</code>

    I think the brakets in yours are missing. Just copy-paste-adapt to check.

    If it still doesn’t work, check also the name of your child folder:  “mantra-child”  and its location: next to the parent one (not inside) I hope it can help.

    I said it works “more or less” because all my customizations are not taken… but some of these are well.

    So I am moving the pure stylish one in the “Mantra Settings”//”Miscellaneous”//Custom CSS through the wordpress admin because these are overwriting everything (sorry if words are not exactly the same, I am working in French) I ll keep my customized templates in the child-theme and my child style.css empty…



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