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    Hello – I’m having trouble getting banners and sliders to appear when customizing the slider on the landing page, and getting the header image to be hidden. Under “Landing Page -> Header,” if I choose “Header Image” as the slider, that image appears just fine, but if I choose “Serious Slider” or “Banner,” there’s nothing. In the preview, the area just below the menu header goes straight to the home page content.

    Relatedly, when I hide the header image under “Site Identity -> Header Media,” a big blank space appears on any individual pages where the header image would be (and the page title text is overlaid on top of this blank space). I currently have this published so you can see what I mean.

    I am using the free version and have seen this post, but what the user suggested does not work for me.

    I would like to have there be a header image or slider on the landing/home page (like in the demo with the image of the guy on the dock), and then for the individual pages, either have different header images, or no header image at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    When you set the landing page option to “Serious Slider” or “Banner”, did you also select a specific slider (you’ll need to create it first) or selected the banner image, respectively?

    To have a header image on the homepage, you’ll need to enable the header image globally on the entire site. If you turn this feature off for the homepage then that applies to the rest of the site as well. You can still set the landing page slider section to display a slider or the (separate) banner image on the homepage, though.

    If you do display a header image, individual pages and posts can use their own featured images in the header instead of the general image (if the corresponding option is enabled). The rest of the site section will use the general header image.

    The individual post/page meta options are only available in the theme’s Plus edition.

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