Extensions updates for OpenCart 1.5.5.x

Today we are announcing the first round of compatibility updates to some of our extensions for the latest OpenCart versions: 1.5.5 and

The following extensions have either been tested and deemed to work correctly or have been updated: Default-Black theme, Bloody-Black theme, CR2 Alter Menu module. CR2 Grid Enabler module, CR2 HTML Module (Pro) module

CR2 Grid Enabler v0.51 update

Just a tiny addition to the CR2 Grid Enabler module – the ability to hide the List/Grid view selector, so that you can make the Grid view the default and only available view.

New CR2 Grid Enabler module for Opencart 1.5

As we needed to enable Grid view by default for the product list on one of our recent project and the only solutions found floating around on the internet(s) involved either theme or opencart mods to achieve this, we have decided to write a module instead. So here it is! …