OpenCart themes and modules updates

So we’ve been busy bees today testing out modules and themes on OpenCart 1.5.6 (just 67 days after it was launched) and we’ve come up with some updates.

The modules work out-of-the-box with the latest version but we’ve updated some anyway. The themes are always another story as new OpenCarts (almost) require theme updates as well.

Below are the changelogs for all extension updates done today:

CR2 Alter Menu version 0.9.7 brings two fixes:

  • mobile menu replacement only worked when complex mode is selected
  • wrong quote placement made append mode fail
CR2 Landing Page version 1.02 fixes:

  • ‘includejs’ option always reverted to ‘enable’
CR2 Landing Page Pro version 1.03 fixes:

  • ‘includejs’ option always reverted to ‘enable’
Slideshow Localized version 0.1.1 fixes:

  • a stray PHP notice in admin interface
SubCategory version 0.2 adds:

  • new option to display category name as module title instead of translation string
Default-Black version 1.6.156 adds:

  • compatibility with OpenCart 1.5.6
Bloody-Black version 1.0.156 adds:

  • compatibility with OpenCart 1.5.6


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