First batch of updates for Opencart 1.5.2 – modules

It’s been 20 days since the latest OpenCart release, but all the work, sleep, coffee overuse and not to mention bugs (in various projects) kept us quite busy.

We did a round of testing today and concluded that our OpenCart modules – Alter Menu, Grid Enabler and HTML Module (Pro) – work as expected on the latest OpenCart versions – 1.5.2 and

The themes are a totally different story. We already know they’re no longer compatible (and throw up a lot of unwanted errors), but they will be updated as well in the upcoming days weeks…


  1. OC version 1.5.2 the problem happen in the checkout process, step two. it does not let you continue any farther along only when registered. when checking out not logged it works past step 2 in checkout. them is store – opencart 1.5x template. Compatible with: Opencart 1.5.0.x – 1.5.1.x – 1.5.2 –

    I hope that helps. I have only been using OC for about two months and still learning. I did a fresh install with the new OC version not thinking about all the glitches it still might have. To late now to much time invested in it. I do like the softare thought. Any help would be cool. Thanks again Jeff

  2. I receive this error in step two of check out.
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: company_no in /home/hgs/public_html/catalog/model/account/address.php on line 59 PHP Notice: Undefined index: company_tax in /home/hgs/public_html/catalog/model/account/address.php on line 60

    I also receive this error in admin when editing costumer information.

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: company_no in /home/hgs/public_html/admin/model/sale/customer.php on line 225
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: company_tax in /home/hgs/public_html/admin/model/sale/customer.php on line 226

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. You did not mention what this issue is about. I’m assuming it’s about one of the themes (as the modules have nothing to to with the checkout).
      Please tell me which theme name/version and which OpenCart version you get this on.

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