New CR2 Grid Enabler module for Opencart 1.5

As we needed to enable Grid view by default for the product list on one of our recent project and the only solutions found floating around on the internet(s) involved either theme or opencart mods to achieve this, we have decided to write a module instead.

So here it is! CR2 Grid Enabler enables you to enable the grid view as default for product pages. (Yeah, a lot of enabling 🙂 ).

The downside is the module may or may not work on your theme, depending on what the developer was dreaming thinking about when creating it, but we can guarantee that it will work on any theme that uses the same layout and javascript code as the default OpenCart theme.

Anyway, CR2 Grid Enabler is free so you can test it and see if it works for you 😉

Download CR2 Grid Enabler now.