Bravada – A Brand New Full Screen WordPress Theme

Our latest WordPress theme – Bravada is just like fine wine. It has a great texture, the amazing color is envied by all others and you get a soft buzz every time you’re using it. And just like wine, only people with great taste will appreciate it at its fullest.

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Verdant – A Kahuna Child Theme

Verdant is Kahuna’s first official child theme. Verdant is fast, lightweight and responsive. It’s also the perfect mix of performance, design and customizations. Everything you know and love about Kahuna, you’ll also find here.

Tempera 1.8.2

Changelog: Improved alignment of captioned block images Improved handling of posts without featured images when generating the presentation page posts-based …

Bravada 1.0.8

Changelog: Added generated bravada-accent-1/2 and bravada-accent-1/2-bg classnames and bravada-accent-1/2 CSS variables for the main accent colors Improved styling to support …

Tempera 1.8.1

Changelog: Added back-to-top button support for mobile devices by placing it in the footer Improvided inner-content padding/margin/border styling support for …