Mantra Theme has about 200 customization options!

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Mantra is our senior WordPress theme, created by our WordPress mastermind himself, Mr. Kay.

Mantra is a general purpose WordPress theme, featuring a whole pack of customizable options and easy to use tweaks, capable of tuning your WordPress to your very specific needs and likes.

Mantra is available for download (for free!) from the WordPress themes repository.

For useful information on theme customization and a list of the most frequent questions we receive, do read the Mantra FAQs.

For those of you wishing to achieve more theme customization than what is allowed by the integrated control options, we recommend using child themes instead of manually editing theme files. This feature is pretty well documented by WordPress and has the main advantage of keeping the theme updateable.  While any changes done to Mantra’s files are lost on each theme update, a child theme is a separate (partial) theme aside Mantra and is not overwritten in an way.

New in Mantra 1.5

  • The new and improved Manta Options page. It now takes a lot less space, is nicely animated, and is a lot easier to work with. Also, it does not work in Opera and some IE versions 😀 eventually fixed
  • The new color selector. Also not backwards compatible with the previous color selector (you’ll have to add a ‘#’ if you just updated from a pre 1.5 version of Mantra and want to keep your old colors).
  • The new slider and width selector. This has been a really tough one but now you can choose the width of your site, of the sidebar and the content area. And all that with just one slider. Now we’re thinking how in the hell we’re gonna do this when we’ll add a third column (second sidebar area).
  • Post Excerpt Options. A new set of options for post excerpts. You can choose whether to have post excerpts on your home page or on category pages and how many words should they have. You can also overwrite the default ‘…’ and ‘Continue reading’ texts.
  • A new animated Back to top button, enabled by default.
  • Added an option to hide the text that usually accompanies the comment form.
  • The theme is now 100% translation ready. The .po and .mo files are available as of 1.5.7. Translations actually working… is still a feature to be done in a future release. Translations are working as of v1.6.5.

New in Mantra 1.6

  • Translation works like it was intended to!
  • Post formats
  • Several bugfixes (’cause too many bugs at once means infestation)
  • The custom header height which so many of you have requested
  • The featured image settings
  • New and improved options user interface

New in Mantra 1.7

  • The third column (second sidebar) – if some of your sidebar widgets disappear after the update, they’re probably on the other sidebar.
  • New and more (24!) social media icons (up to 5 can be displayed at the same time) and 4 new ‘areas’ to place them in
  • Custom CSS field for custom styles without modifying theme files
  • More fonts and customization options ( a total of 35)
  • Reset to defaults button (in case you got lost in the maze of options)
  • A lot of fresh new bugs 😉

New in Mantra 1.8

  • Unfortunately this list can’t keep up with all the enhancements, advancements and bugfixes of the latest Mantra versions. Information will be added here when time allows….
  • The all-new Presentation Page with an animated slider and 4 columns
  • The Slider and columns are fully editable from the admin section
  • The new Magazine Layout
  • Two new menus – one in the header and one in the footer
  • Mantra now requires at least WordPress 3.3

New in Mantra 1.9

  • Import/export function
  • Google fonts support
  • New favorite icon uploader
  • RSS news feed about Mantra on the admin side
  • Mobile view now optional
  • Improved the Right To Left version of our theme
  • New enhanced slider (You can now load the latest posts, random posts, posts from a category, random posts from a category, sticky posts or specific posts or pages)
  • Custom JavaScript area so you can now define your own JS code and analytics
  • Built-in basic SEO fields support
  • New page templates (You can now finally create any layout you want for each and every page)

New in Mantra 2.0

  • New Mantra settings page
  • Options regrouping (based on area)
  • Part new, part rearranged header options:
    • site title and description
    • custom logo uploader
    • clickable header image
    • no header item at all
    • top header spacing
    • menu roundness disabler
    • header height
  • Fully responsive header area (including the background image)
  • Improved mobile view (responsiveness)
  • Improved jQuery plugins compatibility
  • “Category page with intro” template updated to include the correct HTML layout

Things to consider before updating

  • ALWAYS make backups! You can never have enough backups. Make a copy of all your WordPress files and an export of your database.
  • Do NOT update if you made any changes to the theme files (php files, style.css). Transfer all your changes to a child theme and only after that update. Otherwise you will loose all these changes.
  • If updating from one major version to another it is good practice to write down (or make a screenshot) of all theme settings. Since v1.9 you can use the export function. All theme settings (defined in the Mantra Settings page) should be kept after the update, but one can never be too careful.
  • When updating to v2.0 or newer (from an older version), make sure you are using WordPress 3.5 or newer, otherwise you will not be able to configure the theme.
  • When updating to v2.0 or newer (from an older version), you may need to re-set your header-related options. Also, if you are using a heavily customized child theme which changes the header code, you will most likely need to update the child theme to the new 2.0 code to avoid having issues.
  • When updating to v1.8 or newer (from an older version), make sure you are using WordPress 3.3 or newer, otherwise you will no longer be able to configure the theme (and your site will look messed up)
  • If you are using a Mantra version older than 1.6.4: please note down all the customized options you have set in the administration before updating. The update will reset all your theme options to the default ones. We are really sorry this has happened, but we were asked by the WordPress moderation team to change all the variables names, otherwise the theme would no longer be approved.
  • No matter what version you’re using, disable and re-enable any caching plugins after updating. And also use the “purge cache” option if your plugin has one. Many such plugins cache theme-related files and cause problems with how the theme works after the update.

Mantra 2.5.0 is nearing 5 years with a tear

Mantra Theme

Updates celebrate milestones; updates bring fixes and improvements; updates build and expand upon collected knowledge. But sometimes updates can also bring hurtful changes.

Mantra 2.5.0 is in a happy/sad mood – celebrating almost 5 years of existence but losing part of itself at the same time.

Just like with her sisters we have set up an alternative solution. As we previously announced, we decided to retain the settings page functionality and move it to a separate plugin. Continue reading

Verbosa – yet another fresh and free WordPress theme


Verbosa, our latest free WordPress theme is available for download. With its fluid layout and clear typography it’s mainly aimed at writers and content creators but anyone can take it for a spin.

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Important theme compatibility notice for WordPress 4.4


For accessibility reasons, Wordpress 4.4 changes the HTML markup of the settings sections in an way that’s incompatible with our theme settings pages. As a result, our themes will fail to display the settings sections once you update to 4.4.

To solve this… Continue reading

WordPress and theme options part II – the fracture


As you might know by now, themes in the official repository are no longer allowed to implement a theme options page. All new themes were required since early this year to implement support for the Customizer and some weeks ago this rule became mandatory for themes already published in the repository as well.

We’ve given this a great deal of thought and we decided not to transfer theme options to the Customizer interface. We built our themes settings to fit and work in a certain way and we feel the Customizer structure just isn’t right for them.

To be able to continue providing theme updates… Continue reading

Mantra 2.4.1(.1) has an inner conflict


So Mantra 2.4.1 saw the light of day a couple of days ago and brought with it a couple of fixes, support for WordPress 4.1+ ‘title-tag’ and the addition of our social media links to the theme’s admin page.

However this release includes a small glitch concerning child themes so you may want to postpone the update until becomes live. Continue reading

Mantra 2.4 celebrates 4 years of existence


It’s a time for joy and celebration, not just because a new Mantra update is here to correct and improve some long outstanding issues but also because this month, 4 years ago, our little Mantra opened its digital eyes and met with the Wordpress repository for the very first time. And boy what I ride it has been since…

Mantra is now 4 years old and although her little sisters are starting to surpass her, she’s still older, wiser and still has a few issues up her sleeves.

One of the most important changes in the latest update is the removal of shortcodes. The keep the [mantra] or [cryout] shortcodes working on your site, we’ve moved this functionality to a separate plugin… Continue reading

Nirvana is now LIVE and you are a part of it!


Our latest WordPress theme, Nirvana, is now Live and available to download and install directly from Now there’s absolutely no reason not to check it out.

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