Nirvana 0.9.9 and a déjà-vu

Yes, you’re seeing correctly, and no, you’re not in the matrix and this is not a system glitch. You’re witnessing a new record here at Cryout Creations; and this time it’s a positive one.

For the first time ever, we’ve managed to release two updates the same day, and they’re both for the same theme – Nirvana. And despite the earned assumption that we did something very wrong in Nirvana 0.9.8 that needed quick fixing, this is not the case. Nirvana 0.9.9 is a stable update, moving the theme on her path to a well earned 1.0.

To no longer keep you waiting, here’s the changelog:

  • corrected customizer link code to meet themecheck requirements
  • updated theme news to no longer display post text
  • added header widget size option
  • corrected sanitization code functionality to take certain unexpected cases into account


Nirvana is a customizable and responsive WordPress theme, with both wide and boxed layouts. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. I used “Josefin+Sans&subset=latin,latin-ext” font in my blog, and with latest update I cannot make it work. The default fonts included in theme work fine, so it’s not a browser or other plugin issue. Any ideas?

  2. Cryout, Love your work. Did notice an issue with the media library. If you are using the tile view, as I do, because I have way over 1000 images (Maybe 2500), if the latest Nirvana theme is installed, I can only see the first 50. If I activate a different theme, all of my images show up in the media library, as I scroll down the page, but not with the Nirvana Theme installed. It makes it difficult to add media to this media intensive theme. Like I said LOVE your work, and many many thanks.

  3. Hi! Thanks for your themes – I’ve been a fan of yours previous ones but I’m finding a lot off problems with this Nirvana!
    Now I’m fighting with the blog page that shows only post featured images and button “read more” but non the post text!
    It is a very simple website! no special plug in, only backup and yoast seo!
    Please help me as I’m driving mad!

  4. Hi, thanks for the fantastic theme (love the customization and modern design).

    Here is the problem I’m having with the theme though…
    I left the presentation page enabled and created a separate page for a blog (I set the page format to “blog template” for the blog page). When I do this though, the blog page only displays *one* blog post entry per page. The blog page show pagination (1,2,3…) at the bottom to access other blog post entries, but the problem is the blog page shows only one entry at a time. But the problem is there is no blog really, only one post per page.

    I’ve tried enabling and disabling magazine view and that does not fix it. I tried changing the page format to something else and then reselecting the “blog template” format. That did not help either. I’ve searched everywhere in the theme but do not see a place to set how many blog entries will be shown on a “blog template” page.

    Do you have any suggestions about this? Hopefully it’s something simple that I missed. I’m on a new macbook pro using latest Safari (7.0.6). It’s also a new wordpress setup and blog (not an imported blog etc.). Thanks for any help you can give.

    1. I found my error (a wordpress setting). But I will say that pagination for the nirvana “blog template” page stopped working during all this. Pagination worked at first but then it quit showing posts (said no posts were found when there clearly were posts in the database). By the way I didn’t have any plugins enabled during any of my testing, I forgot to mention that in the comment above.

      I reloaded the theme and reset my wordpress settings and all is currently working.

      Thanks again for such a customizable and attractive theme.

  5. Columns content on presentation page only shows one column even though set to 3. have reset to original settings and reentered all information but get same issue. how do i resolve this bug please? Can it be a conflict with a plugin? Please can you respond? thank you so much

  6. Hi there – Thanks for creating a great theme here – just installed it and looks like it’ll do way more than I need – there is just so much flexibility. Nice one!

    Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, and I don’t know if it pre-dates 0.9.9, or if it’s a WordPress thing…

    When I paste the code for a MailChimp sign-up form in one of the “Text Areas” on the Presentation Page it strips out the link and style tags so I end up with the CSS being displayed on the page instead of a correctly formatted form.

    I’ve added the same code from the MailChimp form in a Text widget and that displays correctly elsewhere on the site (Right sidebar) so I guess it’s something to do with the Presentation page?


    1. The Text widgets supports placing any HTML in it, while the theme’s presentation page fields perform filtering on the HTML input (all theme inputs must sanitize data before saving it or outputting it). As a result, the complexity of the HTML allowed in those fields is reduced.

      You need to either separate styling from HTML (and move it to the custom CSS field or in the child theme’s style), or use a plugin that lets you call HTML bits via shortcodes (as shortcodes are accepted on the presentation page).

  7. Thanks for your great work! Unfortunately with this update my presentation page shows just 4 columns (even if I added 6 pages). Before this update, everything worked fine for me.

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