Nirvana 0.9.6 is not here to tell you a story

The latest Nirvana theme update tells no more stories. Nirvana had just about enough stories with the Live post. So here’s a poem:

You stare at it and you’re amazed
At the number of times it breaks
Yet you can’t look away, you’re hooked
You’ve got the next update already booked

You bend it, shake it, then extend it
Yet you still fail to comprehend it
Too many settings for just one theme
To check them all is one bad dream

But until you’ll find another bug
Relax and sip some coffee from your mug
You have a new theme for your blog!
Not to mention the new changelog

  • Fixed columns responsiveness on resolutions lower than 800px
  • Added a check for the media uploader on the settings page (should improve plugin compatibility)
  • Fixed post excerpt number of characters not taking effect on the Presentation Page (the bug also added another Continue Reading button)
  • Removed ‘first click’ alert on mobile
  • Added category check for breadcrumbs categories
  • Removed some leftover code from theme-meta.php
Nirvana is a seriously configurable and responsive WordPress theme, with both wide and boxed layouts. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. I am having a frustrating time getting rid of the blog/comments area on each page. I want static pages throughout and have not yet figured out how to get rid of the unwanted blogging/comment capability. I do want to keep the first page columns.

  2. Haven’t a clue why Nirvana isn’t a more popular theme. After a few problems with Parabola displaying correctly on Firefox, I checked out Nirvana. Now I’ve been messing with themes for years now and it’s a rare occasion to run across a theme you can call enjoyable. Enter Nirvana. What a nice theme, easy to configure to your own unique style and even easier now with this update. Fire up some CSS and walla, you’re 8 Mile style’in. Kudos Cryout Creations in the EU, you’ve actually crafted an enjoyable theme.

    Yer Pal in the Motor City,

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