Kahuna 1.3.1(.1)



  • Fixed an animation glitch affect submenu items
  • Updated Cryout Framework to v0.7.8.2:
    • Fixed landing page sometimes ending unexpectedly while WPML is used


  • Added landing page featured icon blocks overall disable option
  • Added support for shortcodes in custom footer text field
  • Fixed landing page icon blocks, featured boxes and text areas WPML support
  • Fixed some animation hiccups on main navigation
  • Fixed landing page content generation after first activation failing to retrieve all available static pages in some cases
  • Rearranged landing page ‘featured content’ options to dedicated options section
  • Cleaned up unused JS code applied to the landing page featured boxes
  • Updated Cryout Framework to v0.7.8.1:
    • Sorted icon block icons list alphabetically
    • Added required PHP version check
    • Improved required WordPress version check
Kahuna is the big kahuna among WordPress themes. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Good morning, I created a site in Word Press with the theme Kahuna and the Serious Slider plugin. To make it multilingual, I installed the Polylang plugin.
    Apart from the menu and the pages and articles where the Polylang plugin works well, I have problems with the theme homepage and the Serious Slider plugin where the second language translation does not work properly.
    The languages used on the site are two: the main Italian and secondary English.

    1. The Serious Slider plugin is not yet optimized for Polylang multilanguage support. For now you will need to create two separate sliders (one for each language), and switch the theme option to manually enter the slider shortcode. After doing this Polylang will display the value of this optionin its Strings configuration section, allowing you to enter distinct slider shortcodes for each language.

      We’ll optimize the plugin for Polylang in a future update.

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