Update to CR2 Alter Menu

Nothing major, just a tiny update (v0.9.3a) to the CR2 Alter Menu module for OpenCart adding a feature requested by one of our users – to be able to add separate links for the different languages installed in the store.

One Comment

  1. I have purchased your module of CR2 alter Menu, the module is very nice but i’m finding one difficulty i have two multi url stores in one domain but when i put a lable through CR2 alter menu, the lable shows me in both the stores but i want that lable to be appear in my main store not is sub-domain store. so due to that i’m not able to use this module in my store, so can you please do some changes in this module and update it in the extention of opencart my feed back is to put the option t selct for which Store is this lable for.

    Thanking You
    sanjay salian

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