WP Globus reloads customizer befor safing

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    Hi cryout creations team,
    first of all i really like your work, great templates 😉

    Today I wanted to try out the free version of the “Esotera” Theme. Works well so far. But i Encountered a bug when trying to edit the header color.
    I use wordpress 5.6 with elementor (free version). Eventually I installed the “WP Globus” Plugin for Multi-Language-Sites and after that i wasn’t able to change any colors in the customizer.

    The color-editor worked fine, I was able to pick a color and i could see the changes in the preview, but when i tried to save the changes the page automatically reloaded and set everything back to its standard values. (it reloaded actually befor saving – as soon i moused over the save-button, it loaded the standard settings and all changes where gone)

    Since I deactivated “WP Globus” everything works fine, but you mentioned the WP Globus-Plugin in the Theme – documentation – so i thought you maybe wanna know.

    Have a nice Weekend

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