WordPress and Tempera big update (from V1.4.1)

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    I’m working in the update of a very simple website currently running WordPress 4.7.11 (OMG!) along with Tempera theme Version 1.4.1 (OMG!). Already managed to make PHP7 run on the server.

    The idea is to continue using Tempera theme, so I was thinking in updating manually directly to WordPress 4.9.8 and then updating Tempera to the latest version (1.7.0). I’ve never worked with Tempera, so can this big theme jump produce trouble or inconsistencies? I guess main saved settings will be maintained, that is, colors, menus, widgets, and so on. Am I right?

    Is there any incompatibility known issue, or any preferred order to perform this double update of WordPress and Tempera? I mean, should I start with updating WordPress core, see if everything works, and then update Tempera? Hope core WordPress files and theme files are not very incompatible.

    Thanks a lot for any advise you may have on this.

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    You can see all theme changes since 1.4.1 here (a Diff viewer or Notepad++ will format the content better).

    The biggest change will not be the theme update, but the WordPress update (depending on the plugins you use and their compatibility status).

    I suggest making each update individually and checking if the site works after as before. And make sure you create a complete backup beforehand.

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