WooCommerce, Please!

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    I previewed the WooCommerce beta update on my site and it does fix the main issue I’m having with WooCommerce on my site right now – pixelated product images resulting from a bug in the Featured Image interface between the theme settings and the WooCommerce product image settings. Unfortunately, the beta version resets much of the Presentation Page to default and I don’t possess the technical know-how to save it/get it back, so I’m waiting for this update to come out of beta and merge seamlessly with my site. I hope it happens soon. The image problem is so bad that I currently have my products pages in draft status because they look so terrible. Tough to sell things when people can’t see them!


    I’m having the same problem… Will wait for a fix, but at some point I’m going to rip the layout down completely if it can’t be compatible with Woocommerce….

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