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    I am creating an e-commerce site using Woocommerce and there is a problem with the quantity “box” in the product area. It isn’t large enough to accommodate double digits. I activated another theme and that problem doesn’t occur so I’m guessing it has something to do with Tempera. Is there some code that I can add that will increase the size of the area?

    Also what I’d really like is to have the area increased and a box placed around the quantity area. Can you help me with that?



    I really like the Tempera theme and would like to keep using but I also have the same issue.
    I did a bit of playing around by saving the page to a local html file and changing some values and found that if I remove the class=”input-text qty text” bit from the line in the page as

    <input type=”number” id=”quantity_5a689a2ae7c3d” class=”input-text qty text” step=”1″ min=”1″ max=”” name=”quantity” value=”1″ title=”Qty” size=”4″ pattern=”[0-9]*” inputmode=”numeric” />

    then my quantity control renders better and you can see the number, the control is wider than necessary but at least the number is not visible.
    I went looking for the code that builds the “input type=number” line and found the file wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/global/quantity-input.php
    I edited the file (of course making a backup first) and removed the class=”input-text qty text” from line 33 that begins with input type=”number” and now my product pages all display the quantity control that is readable.
    So the question now is whether the CSS class definition for the class=”input-text qty text” is missing or incorrectly defined in the Woocommerce CSS files??? I’m not very knowledgeable regarding CSS but will have a dig around…

    It would be great if the Woocommerce developers see this or someone more knowledgeable with WP and CSS can suggest an “easy fix” that does not involve manually editing a modules file (requiring the edit after updates too of course)…


    just discovered child themes (very new to WordPress)…
    I followed the WordPress codex on creating a child theme and then also noticed this line in the quantity-input.php file

    This template can be overridden by copying it to yourtheme/woocommerce/global/quantity-input.php

    so I reinstated the original file in the tempera theme and copied it as suggested to my child theme and modified as I mentioned in my previous post and not I have the “working” quantity control in a child theme so have to worry less about Tempera theme updates. I will of course still check this quantity control issue when Tempera is updated in case a solution is included but at least I have a workable solution for now.
    I’ll still play around some more to try get the quantity control to be a little narrower, just for visual aesthetics…

    Website: www.castlecrafts.co.za/shop

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