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    Hello there,

    In the past on other theme I used to be able to add a text widget and when it was done it had a TITLE and usually a line under it and then whatever the information was below that. Lately with the blocks in wordpress I am subject to copy a legacy widget to get the desired result. Oddly legacy widget drop downs do not show the text widget which means I am copying stuff I am sure can be done in the here and now properly.

    How do I add a text widget, let’s say directions to the store where when I add the widget it give me the option for a title and then the actual information field as well and when it is posted it shows up with title with proper font size, maybe a line under it and then the actual information.

    I have tried to add a title but the font is really tiny no matter which one I choose H1 or H2 they remain the same, there is no line or break between that and what I have assumed was a paragraph I was supposed to add.

    Can you please tell me the proper way just to add widgets with information in them?

    Also, let me ask this: If you are doing a live preview and trying to add widgets do they act differently then when you activate the theme and go to widgets?

    Thanks for any information and help. Keep in mind that I have not activated the new theme (yours) yet since I wanted to test things first. The link to the site will only show the old theme, which needs to go.. I really like this theme of yours and hope it continues to be updated.. It’s beautiful.

    Website: sunshinewildlifetours.com


    I seem to have figured it out. Thanks though.. The site is coming along very nicely.. Well, I think so.. lol


    What should the size of the header image be if you are using WIDE? and is there any chance of making the header a little bigger in height then 180px without screwing things up in tablet and mobile mode? I really need an answer on this please. Thanks

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