Widget Sidebar on Presentation Page Below the Slider

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    Scott Sargent

    Would love a widget sidebar (left or right by choice) on presentation page below the slider.



    I’m looking for the same thing.


    First off, this is a great theme.
    I also think adding this feature would improve the experience. Being able to have the social media widgets as well as the search bar on the presentation page would be excellent.


    Also think that having sidebars on presentation page is essential because of search.
    Shouldn’t be necessary below the slider but should be possible to have it on presentation page.

    Thanks guys for great theme!

    Johanna Ouwerling

    Yes I would love a sidebar for my widgets on the presentation page too. This is a great theme and it would benefit from it.


    Dave Fleming

    I would love this feature too 😀

    wonderful world

    I am also looking forward to this feature before I decide to settle with this wonderful theme. I see this topic has been raised almost a year ago but apparently it is ignored. May be Tempera do not need coffee anymore.

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