Why Can't you make a PDF guide to these Themes

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    Sorry, but I hate having to set here and dig through forums to find answers to simple question that could be place in a simple PDF user guide. It such a waste of time.

    Simply put if your trying to make money , time is money. Everyone keeps creating themes now a days expecting people to know how the run them coming straight out of the box. When they differ so much.

    That pretty much why, I will not buy them.  You don’t know if you can figure out how to get it work.

    I mean I do,  I like your theme, but I can’t spend a month looking through this forum trying to find out how to do the basic things that I should be able to find in a simple PDF guide. in under 2 minutes.

    Then it even worst because half the time I don’t know what to call the part of the theme I have a question on because the layout are so different.

    I look at 10 themes each one has been totally different in how it’s configured, not one has offer a simple PDF file to explain the simple fictions of the theme.

    Why don’t you break new ground here and create one for your users, I bet if you did you see you business grow greatly and sale increase. you do have some nice theme and its a shame that I going to have to dump it, because I just don’t have the time to waste digging through all this. Just to find out simple things like how the heck you change the titles on the front page.

    Let me know if you decide to create a PDF file on how to use you themes, because i wouldn’t mind trying it out.

    Yes, a lot id plain to see how to work it, but there a lot your left hanging in the air on.


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