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    On the landing page currently there are two very nice animation effects on the Featured Boxes. I like them very much!
    Still I would like to suggest something: will it be possible to make the whole image of every feature box on the landing page to be clickable not the “More” link only? Thus the user can decide whether to wait for the animation and click on the “More” button or cancel the animation by clicking the image above it and open the article.

    Thank you,
    Vasil Krastev

    Website: mweekend.net


    Nowadays, is natural for the web user to click directly on the photos when these illustrate specific sections.
    I risk saying that is one of the precepts of mobile friendly sites, that with this specific design style ( Septera included ) the photos act as a link.
    Not having a feature so naturally obvious from the internet user point of view, threw cold water on my plans of using this theme, since in all other aspects it’s practically perfect.

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