Weird GitHub Icon…?

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    The official Github Icon looks like this:

    And since both designs are simple enough and are monochrome, they should be easy to use as is. However, the GitHub icon included in the “social font” in Kahuna, and probably all other Cryout Creation themes, look different, lack the tail, and have an unnecessary circle around the cat.

    It would be nice if you can fix it. Just adopting the official octocat should be fine. The small version is preferred since the suckers on the tail do not look good.

    I can help do the font editing part, if needed. Actually, I plan to do this editing regardless, but maintaining a sub-theme for what is essentially a bug isn’t the best solution.

    I would also mention that the Google Plus icon is out of date. But… it’s shutting down in nine months. Maybe it’s also OK to wait it out…


    I now realize that this is an issue to the Zocial font (, so maybe it should not be considered a bug of the theme.

    (Why can’t I delete my question now, by the way…?)

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    We have not designed the social icons included in the themes and are using them as they are.

    If you’re intending to correct the Github icon for your site and are willing to share it with us, we’d be more than happy to include it in the next theme(s) update.

    We use bbPress for the forum functionality and bbPress does not provide a way for regular users to delete topics/replies. If you want I can delete your topic, but we usually keep discussions for future reference.

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