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    I do Admin for a website and I wanted to know if I pay for the upgrade ($25) Can I get 2 more Presentation page columns on the front page?(or at least 1 more)

    Website: www.anglicandioceseja.org

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    The theme already supports an unlimited number of columns (displayed up to 4 per row) on its presentation page. You can place any number of column widgets in the columns widget area.

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    I think you misunderstood. I know I can add ‘columns’ to the ‘Presentation Page Columns’ – but it can only point to one category at a time.
    What I want is the option to add another category “presentation style ‘ in essence. So on my front page I would have a row that points to the category NEWS another that points to BLOG categoryu and another to point to EVENTS category.
    Something like that.
    Hence the initial question: Can another one of ‘that section’ (see attached )- be added?


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    sorry link didnt work – its a screenshot of “PRESENTATION PAGE COLUMNS” showing it can only go to 1 category

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