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    I would like to put a video on my home page. Perhaps in place of the slider or midway on the page. Video is such a powerful way to capture visitors attention. I love the template otherwise. Thank you!

    Peter Bestel

    Yes pleeeaasse! I second this request.

    I’d love to be able to insert video, YouTube and S3 hosted ones, into the Presentation Page.


    s, yes.

    Actually thought that was possible. This is much needed.

    Will have to change theme or even from WordPress otherwhise :-/

    Cryout Creations Team

    From a visitor’s point of view, videos on the home page are so intrusive for me… I really hate it when random videos start playing, especially those with sound. I actually use Firefox extensions just to block this behaviour in my daily browsing. But this is just me 🙂

    We had to chose between a good image slider and a slider supporting videos (which by definition will lack most image transition effects because it cannot mix videos and effects). Sliders supporting both good transition effects and videos are very complex, cost money and cannot be included in a free theme. So we chose the currently included slider.

    For extreme purposes, the presentation page slider can be changed (via child themes) to any other slider one wishes (and has at hand).

    Videos on the presentation page columns and two bottom text areas are now possible via shortcodes/plugins.

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