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    So I created a slider using the serious slider.

    I went to Customize, Landing Page, Slider, Serious Slider and I tried adding my slider from the list – didn’t work and I tried using my custom short code – didn’t work. [serious-slider id=”22″]

    1- The slider I created is not showing up at all.
    2- I removed the header default image and tried again, all that did was add a very big grayish green block and still no slider.

    Yes, I do have a cache option, but I disabled it and it’s still not working. This is probably the (no lie) 100th theme I tried using today and this is not the first bump I have run into. I am NOT a new WordPress user, but this is a new website, so either I forgot to do something to prep it, or something else is going on.

    Could really use some help


    Cryout Creations Team

    There may be more than one level of caching one that site or the caching plugin used is not able to completely clear the cache on request.

    Changing dashboard options should have an immediate effect on the frontend (to change something). If that doesn’t happen, caching (of some sort) is the most likely culprit.

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