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    I am using Verdant, Kahuna child theme. Here are some issues I found.

    • It keeps nagging me about resetting the settings despite clicking on “Do no Display Again”.
    • The footer says powered by “Kahuna”
    • In the translation there is one string that says “Arcanum” …


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    1. The dismissal is saved theme-dependent and user-dependent. It will return if you switch themes or use a different user.
    2. The footer is technically correct since the theme is actually using Kahuna as the theme. Verdant is an extension of Kahuna and customizes functionality and appearance, and we didn’t make it change the footer information.
    3. I cannot find any instance of ‘arcanum’ in Verdant’s files. Note that depending on the translation method used (plugin and location of translation files), if you have more than one of our (parent) themes installed some translation files may be shared between themes.

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    Hi Zed,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. I log in to my site always we the same user, and the message keeps on nagging me. when I click “do not display again” I am taken to the Verdant/Kahuna page but the message is still there. If I log out and back in it is there again.

    2. Ok, fair Enough.

    3. Maybe I had Arcanum installed in parallell as I was testing many themes.

    So only point #1 is an actual issue then.




    I still have the issue that the message about resetting the settings come every time I log in. Even when logged in and after clicking “do not display again” the message keeps on coming.

    Any updates on this ?


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