Verbosa .9.7 iPad Landscape Header Goes to Background

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    Thank you for your labor on this theme!

    What’s going on?

    Scene: iPad Air with favorites off screen.

    In portrait mode everything looks great.

    Go into landscape mode and the header (site title, header image, hamburger menu) goes to background behind the blog post summaries. Summary of blog posts take up entire screen. You can see the header in the background as you scroll the summaries. If you make the Safari favorites to show on the left, the screen returns to the normal mode you would expect to see–header visible, logo, site title, hamburger menu, etc. As soon as you click the favorites off you go back to the header not being visible at the top of the page–hidden as background to the blog summaries.

    Bug or setting I don’t know how to fix occurs at main page and when you are reading an individual blog post.

    Cleared cache, history, etc..






    Try this fix:
    In file /wp-content/themes/verbosa/resources/js/frontend.js

    line 28:
             if ( 1024 >  windowWidth ) {
             if ( 1024 >= windowWidth ) {

    JavaScript removes attribute “style” in
    <div id="sidebar" style="position: fixed;">
    when switching to mobile responsive mode. The problem was that at horizontal resolution 1024 the theme already switched to mobile mode, but the attribute was not yet removed (would be removed at 1023).
    I will report the bug to the theme authors and hopefully they will apply this patch in the next version.


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