Vebosa – Site Header Image always shows for all shared posts on Facebook

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    Hello Verbosa Team,

    It seems that the Site Header Image (original sample being the typewriter) is counted as FIRST IMAGE for a single post, and automatically used as feature image for all single posts.

    The consequence when sharing the posts on Facebook is that all shared posts have the same feature image which is the Site Header Image. That is boring and totally not user friendly.

    My question is whether or not this can be fixed?

    Thank you,



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    By default third party services will pick up the first image that appears in the source of the site that matches that service’s image size/other properties requirements best. As the sidebar is placed before the rest of the content in the site source, the header image (or sometimes logo) is the image usually getting picked up.

    To fine tune which image gets used when sharing to social services (or some other external services) you can use a plugin that provides functionality to control this behaviour.

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