Update of theme should not change layout of website

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    Hi Zed,
    I am using mantra and would like to upgrade (for security reasons) to the latest version.

    However now, (and several times before I did so,) the appearance of my website changed.
    Meaning lost time to fix all the changes manually.

    I there a way – or can you offer us a way – to keep the appearance at all time the same while upgrading?

    Website is oeeworld.com (used to be oeecoach.com)


    Website: www.oeeworld.com

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Mantra is a very old release. We implemented multiple design and layout tweaks and changes in both the 2.0 and newer 3.0 release. We did these changes to optimize the functionality and structure of the theme, to bring it up to date with browser supports, HTML 5 markup and also some current design trends.

    These changes are part of the theme and will slightly change the appearance (mostly concerning font sizes and spaces/paddings) of your site after performing the update – there’s no way to avoid them except to undo them all manually (by customizing a lot of the styling).

    Beyond these changes (font sizes and spacings) nothing else should change due to the update. What other changes did you notice?

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