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    Multisite network, Anima on main site. A visitor using an iPhone reports seeing this strange hamburger icon at the top of the page and the angry frowny face underneath the title of each poem. They don’t appear on the subsites. Any ideas?

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    VERY strange! You may check on my site with Anima http://108.iblogger.org/ if the same icons appear on mine. If not then maybe it’s because of the ‘Multisite network’ installation? Mine is on a regular one.

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    This is what she sees on your site, and I see the same thing. I’m not seeing the hamburger or frowny face or any other emojis on my site, and no one else has mentioned it.

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    @Knot2bUndone, your iPhone sure behaves weirdly. Moving past this, your entire site is missing the theme icons. Trying to access the icon fonts manually results in 403 forbidden errors:
    I suggest you investigate if the font files are actually there, and if they are why your server is blockiing them, to make the icon fonts functional.

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    It’s not my iPhone, it’s a site visitor’s. I don’t see what she sees, or know of anyone else who does, and she only sees the hamburger and frowny face on the one site where I’m using Anima. I know about the icon problem — that came up in another thread here, and remains unresolved. I’ve only been able to investigate as far as confirming that the icons are there, and that they show up fine in another test Anima installation under a different domain on the same server, which would seem to indicate that it’s not the server blocking them. Since this is the main site of an active multisite installation, I’m reluctant to begin experimenting with the removal of plugins. I’d rather just do without the icons … or maybe switch to a different theme, as much as I love this one. Hamburger and frowny face are not conducive to the mood.

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    Most likely it’s something corrupt on your friend’s iPhone. You can check how other iPhones display your site on several testing sites. Here are few of them that allow you to test how your website displays on different mobile devices. None of them shows hamburger and frowny face but they do show the missing icon problem.

    Check these:

    All these test sites show all the icons properly on my site with Anima.

    Good luck with troubleshooting


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    That’s a good idea, Marek — thanks for those links. I’m pretty well assured that the iPhone problem is not widespread, and I guess we’ll just have to live with the missing theme icons if I continue to use this theme.

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    I wouldn’t keep the theme if I could not fix the icons since they are important for clearly seeing menu items. I like the Anima theme a lot and will keep it on my blog but I’m testing another theme which is similar – http://mrsite.byethost7.com/meditationyoga.in/blog-about-meditation-yoga/ and a single post: http://mrsite.byethost7.com/meditationyoga.in/are-you-living-only-three-of-the-seven-states-of-consciousness/ but I did not finish setting it up yet and this is just testing site so images are missing etc.

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    Mary, have you noticed that other themes on your multisite are also missing the icons?

    Have a look at the ‘Back to Top’ buttons and the Breadcrumbs:
    http://poetscollective.org/onlyhuman/ Nirvana theme
    http://poetscollective.org/publicdomain/flight-of-fancy/ Tempera theme
    http://poetscollective.org/hungryeyes/ Theme Horse theme

    So it’s not anything specific to Anima but there must be some glitch in the installation of the WordPress or on the server.

    Website: 108.iblogger.org

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