Underlined links and compressed spaces in new Nirvana version 1.6.1.

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    Dear Cryouts

    I’ve got the same problem like »veenm« with the (unwanted) underlined links after updating from »Nirvana« 1.5.2. to 1.6.1. Would you consider to publish the obviously successful solution, mentioned by »veenm«, to reestablish non-underlined hyperlinks?

    Additionally two further layout problems occurred with the actual update:

    1) In the »Cryout Column Widgets« for the Column Section of the »Presentation Page« the spacing between the (hyperlinked) Column Title Heading and the featured Column Picture shrinked to (nearly) nothing.

    2) The spaces between the »Post Excerpts« and the below »Read more«-boxes (also on Presentation Page) had been reduced, so that the whole Presentation-Page-Layout got a very compressed and narrow look and feel. Therefore I restored the old 1.5.2. Version.

    Is there a possibility to update to the actual 1.6.1. version and preserve or reconstruct the light and airy impression of the previous 1.5.2. version?

    Many thanks in advance for suggestions to solve the problems and, in general, for your very fine work and the generosity, offering for free such a professional and elegant theme like »Nirvana«.

    Yours Chrissi

    Website: www.sprachblasen.de


    I’m having similar problems. In my particular case, the issue with the column items on the presentation page are posts rather than widgets. The title of one post is displayed on two lines, except that the two lines are on top of each other. I glanced through the diffs and couldn’t figure out what change would have this effect, but, oddly, adding the following to style.css temporarily fixed the problem.

    .column-header-image {
      line-height: 1em;

    Website: ericadutton.com

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Concerning the underlining of content links, please see this reply: https://www.cryoutcreations.eu/forums/t/extra-css-text-decoration?view=all#post-121419

    We are looking into 1 & 2.

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