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    Is there a way to detach the search bar from the other menu items in the topbar menu ? I would like to remove the page links (which I find redundant to the main menu) and just leave the search bar which is useful (I don’t have the space for a search bar in the main menu and have the menu still on one line when the website is in certain languages).

    I’ve messed around with .topmenu and inspected the element, but I can’t figure out whether it is possible to do this. I would also be willing to do a short-cut and just make the other links the color of the topheader bar to hide them while keeping the search bar in white, but this does not appear possible and is evidently not an ideal solution.

    Thank you in advance for your help


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    You can assign different menus to different navigation locations, however the theme requires a menu to be assigned to the top navigation for the search icon to be displayed. I have not tested this, but it may still work after creating and assigning an empty menu.

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    This worked perfectly, thank you !

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