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    Hi there,

    I am trying to make the white space under the top menu transparent. Also the sides of the transparent header image are also white. I’m attempting to set this up very simple and clean and just want either transparency or, minimally, the same background color. Here’s the link to one of the pages:

    I have been playing with the colors in the Parabola settings and none appear to affect the remainng white space on this page. If I ‘inspect’ it shows it is a block (display block) but I don’t have the ‘menu’ block on my page so I can set the block to transparent.

    If you can direct me, that would be fantastic. As well, if you tell me to add some css, can you confirm that I am supposed to add it in the “custom css” box of the “miscellaneous settings” please?

    Thanks so much, it’s been driving me crazy for days.


    Hi you can close this topic – I found it. I was in the ‘colors’ section but I had the wrong hex code and so it was being white instead of my color.

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