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    Hi, I have a couple of questions.

    First, when I uncheck the box for showing the Title & Tagline on the homepage it will not remove them from the main picture. If I leave the text boxes blank the browser tab will be left blank.

    Second, when I change the text colors under the custom headers it does not change the colors on the Top Menu. The colors used won’t show up on my picture at all. I would love to have the menu & logo above the picture (I saw an example on the about page, so maybe it is a PLUS feature?), but I can’t find that option.

    Thanks for your help!


    Cryout Creations Team

    The text displayed on top of the static slider image is configurable through the theme’s (static) slider caption options. Upon theme installation this text copies the value set on your site title and tagline, but is then administered separately.

    Which color options are you adjusting?

    The menu has different positioning options. On your site it is currently set to be displayed over the header image – perhaps you want to set it to ‘normal’ (to have it above the header image).

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