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    Tempera 1.7.2

    Under the Graphics Settings section, Top Bar has options for Site Width or Full Width (presumably browser width).

    This option isn’t working, Top Bar stays on full width even if Site Width selected and saved (based on a design with site width 1180px)

    It looks real naff having a full width top bar on a boxed site design!

    Cryout Creations Team

    The top bar width options refers to the bar’s content (social icons, menu) width. The top bar background itself is always full width.

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    thanks for reply.

    Don’t you think that’s a bit odd?….to allow most of the site to appear ‘boxed’ but to have one part of it as an immovable full-width section? I don’t see the point of a site width slider if your site, all of it, can’t be the chosen width.

    I guess the alternative is to hand code the width for that top bar (where? what’s the selector?), or just remove it altogether.

    Kind of spoils the ship for a ha’pence of tar, as they say.

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