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    Hi! Thanks for developing such an awesome theme. I have a problem: i’ve put links to view my site traslated via google traslate, but when doing so, the animation in the title go crazy…
    is there a way to avoid this to happen? a ccs to force the title remain the same and not being traslated (kinda not taking it from the classes .entry-title or .caption-title-word)? a css to turn off the animation only when viewed thru google traslate?
    my web: bajomilestrellas.com
    thanks in advance

    Website: bajomilestrellas.com

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    The animation effect makes use of some hidden text elements, which unfortunately don’t play well with third party content readers (such as translators or embedding services).
    This is one of the reasons we also included an option to control the animation effect.

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