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    I just spent all night setting all the custom elements using cryout serious theme settings and it has reset itself.
    This is about the 3rd time this has happened and am wondering both why this is happening and how to stop it?!?!


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Which browser are you using? Is JS functional in your dashboard (a JS error and accidentally clicking the reset button will reset your settings without confirmation).

    What is the input variable count limit on the hosting server?

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    i was using IE edge – as i was keeping the work separate to my chrome work but switched it to FF – no problems after that
    as for the input variable count, after reading your link, i would say it is the default one but not had any issues with it on other projects

    i think it might be an IE edge issue (yeah i know) just used that to keep cookies etc separate from other browser so could flush them without losing the tabs in chrome for other work

    end solution – use FF no issues!

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