The theme Nirvana does not record the upgrade Setting

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    Galdino Cabarcas

    Update the Theme Nirvana because I find very interesting. Although Scare Me forum detect that the support is very bad; try anyway.
    After being seeking several themes to choose from, Nirvana seemed best, but when updating the “setting” this can not record the changes.
    Is there something that is to do to resolve this situation?
    I hope I can solve this problem, because the theme and what promises is very good, or else it will keep looking.
    thank you very much


    when you change any part in the theme, ( presentation ) then you press save changes, and next is to refresh your browser. sometimes it takes a second refresh before updated version shows. ( I thought I had the same problem, but once you refresh the preview page couple of times it kicks in…)
    I hope this info will help you out.

    Best regards


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