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    Ben Wilkie

    There doesn’t appear to be any way to edit the font in the sliders. On some posts, the first couple of words are CUT OFF at the top of the page when the slider comes in. It looks terrible! If at least the size of the text, or the font could be changed, this would solve the problem.

    Also, I wish the descriptions of images were printed UNDER the image (as they appear on the text [post] editor page) instead of ON the image themselves.


    You could always increase the width of your slider so it doesn’t look so cramped and everything will fit…

    As for wanting the text at the bottom of the image, switch to Parabola if you want that feature.



    I was using Cork Beta theme and decided to change it to Tempera. When enabling the presentation page, it did not allow me to remove and/or change the Template text which is the following:

    “Tempera is living on the edge, waiting for you to come and give it a push!. Above and below the columns you have editable titles and text fields. The text fields suppport HTML tags and [shortcodes] so you can turn the Presentation Page into your personal playground. You can add, remove and edit all this and much more from the Tempera Settings page.
    While you can show your latest posts on the Presentation Page, you can also use the Blog page template to designate another page as your primary blog posts page.
    As you can see, with Tempera the sky’s the limit. Just remember to have fun!”

    Could you please tell me how to remove and/or change it?



    All 3 of these templates are controlled in the same sections. Appearance >> Parabola/Tempera/Mantra Settings >> Presentation Page

    Or you could very easily try reading the FAQ…


    Estoy usando TEMPERA…que ha pasado? No esta activo el menú de configuracíon Tempera Settings/social media ?? No logro editar la información ingresada(mail, teléfono, etc)

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