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    Hi Cryout Creations,
    I set up a test subdomain to make sure Fluida would do what I want. To help you understand what I’m doing: Each post is a short story. On the Landing Page I set up boxes that are linked to the category “Favorites”. I have six boxes displayed. On two of them I set up a “Featured Image” that reflects the story. For example, one story involves a red automobile. Another story has a beach scene. The boxes display the title of the post (story) in white capital letters. Hard to read against the off-white colored sand, easier to read against the red car. When I hover the mouse over the box the excerpt is displayed in a very faint light blue. I cannot read it. The “Read More” button is displayed in white, like the post title. It is also hard to read.
    I have searched everywhere I can for a way to adjust the color. I can’t find a color adjustment for the displayed content of the boxes. The displayed colors do not change when I add a “Featured Image” to the post.
    I’m stumped. How do I change the colors?
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    Update: I am frustrated by the color settings. It seems that the colors don’t actually work like I think they will. It is a puzzle to work out which colors will work with widgets, posts, landing page, footer, etc. I designed a really nice color scheme. But the way the colors work, when the colors work on the landing page, they won’t work in widgets. I am really glad I have not purchased the PLUS version. It looks like I may have to find a different theme. That’s very annoying.

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    I’ve decided to stick with Fluida, mostly because I don’t want to learn a new theme. And because I have this horrid feeling that the problem is not with Fluida, but with WordPress. There is no purpose for “Secondary Content Background” that I have found. It’s set to a loud strong Green color so I can find it. So far that Green color has not appeared anywhere in my test site. That makes no sense…unless…it’s WordPress.

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    The various color options work in sets and apply to multiple elements throughout the site (this is mostly true for more general text/background colors, links and and the two accent colors). It is not possible to have color options for each individual element (we nearly did that with Nirvana and it turned into a horrible disaster trying to set up a color scheme for the site).

    The animated boxes work well with darker images since the texts are white. The overlay that appears on hover uses the first accent color so that one should be an acceptably dark shade as well (both accents are used in multiple combinations throughout the site with white texts and white backgrounds).
    Beyond the available options, the appearance of elements can be further tweaked with CSS.

    The secondary content background color applies to the secondary (right) sidebar only – which you’re probably not using.

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    Thanks Zed,

    I do appreciate that you took the time to answer this.

    Well, I certainly appreciate that you tried with Nirvana. May I assume that this is a WordPress design (flaw)?
    And, yes, I did consider using the Right Sidebar instead of the Left one. That’s purely my preference. There’s no reason otherwise.

    I really do not want to tweak CSS. It’s just that much more documentation and remembering details. I modified my color scheme and all is well.

    Overall, I am really pleased with how Fluida has worked out.

    Rejoice Always!


    (Hi. I have a similar problem where the white text over (typically) white background does not help. I would like to just add a background color to the text so that it is always visible.I think that the way to go is to Additional CSS and add :
    .single-post {
    background-color: red;;
    but I do not know what should I replace .single-post with. Any help here ?

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    Ok, I searched in the Stylesheet and found it at .lp-box-title …

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