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    I try do get a template page where header, menu, side bars and footer are shown, but the resulting page on the website should not have an entry in the menu (in my case a submenu). This page should only display all posts with complete content of a specified category with a shortcode/plugin ([get-post category=norwegen-2015 show=100]). If there are a lot of posts with a lot of content this will take a while to render the complete page, therefor I dont’t want to let the user open this page by menu. I want to link to this page from another page with appropriate description and warning.

    I have created a child theme (for other reasons) and I was able to create my own template which also was shown in WordPress when creating a new page with (my child) Nirwana design. But in the create page form I have to select an entry for the parent of the new page, there is no empty entry. How can I create a page with no entry in the field ‘parent’ in the attribute section?

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    Use a custom menu and use a placeholder menu item with an empty link field (see the link in my signature).

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    I first made some experiments with private pages. That seemed to work for my purpose (site accessable via link, but not visible in menu), until I tried to access the page with an other browser where I was not logged in as WordPress administrator. 😉 Hmm, I’m a WordPress Newbie and didn’t really think about what ‘private’ means. 🙂

    The I tried to create a custom menu – I stopped this action a few days before, because I thought this would ruin the automatical Nirwana menu layout. But I learnt yesterday, that it is possible to model the complete menu structure and it behaves exactly sumilar. So this is an easy solution: I do not add the page to the menu, therefore it is not visible in the menu but accessible via link. Adding new menu items manually to the menu is a little bit more work than doing this in the page attribute section while creating the page, but it will not happen often.
    Thanks for your advice…

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