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    Hi all,

    I am new to this site and am happy with the Tempera theme. But i have an issue with a page on my website. When i visit http://amsterdamtouristguide.com/tours/ on my mobile the page content doenst show up when i hold my phone vertical. If i turn it horizontal the 3 different tours are showing up with the 3 images and some text.

    1 : The page is made with the Elementor plugin, which is easy to use and i like the way i can create the pages. Any ideas why it doesnt show content when i hold my phone vertical instead of horizontal ?

    2: And another question : Why can’t I delete the “W3 Total Cache” plugin, without destroying my Presentation page ?

    Thanks you all!!!

    Website: www.amsterdamtouristguide.com

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    1. Does that work correctly with one of the default Twenty themes?

    2. Since W3 Total Cache is a complex caching plugin, the plugin needs to be correctly deactivated and cache completely cleaned (including CDNs or any form of server-caching W3TC supports) before it can be removed.

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    1 : Yes it does work with the default Twenty themes.
    Maybe you can look at that page on your laptop/pc and your mobile at ones, then you see what is missing.

    2: I just deleted the plugin, so i am going to the complex deactivation 😉


    I deleted W3 Total Cache in the correct way now i quess, because everything works now so it seems. Maybe you can check it for me to be sure ?

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