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    This is my third attempt

    Both previous support tickets did not get a conformation email ๐Ÿ™„

    I need helping doping out a SERIOUS BUG problem with comments on my site. For about a year some commenters have received been “blocked due to suspected bot” message when they try to comment.

    I’v had my host look into it, they can’t figure it out. We disabled jetpack thinking that might be it but it is still happening.

    Here is a quote from a commenter

    “Second – I’ve tried to post comments on several of my favorite recipes, and every single time, I get a message saying “post blocked as suspected bot”. I’m not sure why – I’m using my real email address and the comment has always been a variant of what I wrote you above. I just wanted to let you know because I wonder if it’s happening to others as well and “real” comments aren’t getting through. I love your recipes – I want to make sure others know they’re good!”

    I need some support for this ASAP as I’ve probably lost hundreds of comments over the course of the year.


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I have also discussed this issue through our support service. My last suggestion was to track down which plugin is responsible for the comments blocking but we have not heard back from you.
    Did you manage to identify the plugin and resolve the issue?

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